REGISTER NOW for the 2020 – 21 school year.

All grade 8 students who are interested in attending Wesmor for Gr 9, please register on-line through the link below. If you are not currently enrolled at Wesmor and are interested in joining our Wesmor learning community in Grs 10-12 you are also welcome to register on-line.

Link to on-line registration form here.

Congratulations Wesmor Grad Class of 2020 – you have made history!

No other graduating class has persevered through a global pandemic to earn credits needed to graduate. Wesmor staff have also worked hard to find ways to recognize this milestone moment for our graduates during these uncertain and unprecedented time.

On June 22nd and 23rd, drive by the City sign on the corner of 2nd Ave and 15th St W to see the Wesmor Grad Class of 2020 celebrated with each grads picture being displayed on the sign. Also, check out the salutes to our grads and their pictures on paNow, and the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division 119 website.

On June 24th, between 12:30 and 2:00, staff will be delivering your grad pictures, diplomas, gift bags and lawn signs to your homes. Families will be able to display the signs proudly, allowing neighbors and the community to share in the celebration of each graduates achievement.

On June 29th, we invite you to watch the virtual grad ceremony which goes live at 6:00pm. All grads will receive a password to access this video. Links to the video can be found our Wesmor website, and all Wesmor social media platforms.

Please remember to stay cautious and continue your efforts to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, especially as celebrate your high graduation. Be safe and take care of each other.

Message to Families – COVID-19 Update:

On June 18, 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the guidelines for the return to school in the fall. Under the direction of Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer, and with the help of the Education Response Planning Team (RPT), the Ministry of Education created the Primary and Secondary Educational Institution Guidelines for the return to classroom learning. This framework will provide the direction for us to create our local plans for returning to school in a way that protects the health of students, staff and families while also providing excellence in education.

It would be comforting to provide all the details of our plan now, but unfortunately there are still some details that will not be finalized until August 2020. You can be sure that our division plan will adhere to the guidelines provided by Health and Education. While it seems that school will return in ways close to what we are familiar with, there will be additional procedures expected. Schools will; increase sanitation measures; promote enhanced hygiene practices; establish clear protocols for bringing items like backpacks in and out of schools; and plan for minimized contact among students, as much as possible. We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in Sask Rivers and Wesmor to develop effective plans. 

More information will be provided in August. In the meantime, please be safe and continue to practice COVID protocols to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, especially as the summer welcomes us.

Email Contact Information:

Ms. Gina Sinoski – Principal       
Mr. Matt Bergen – Vice Principal


Ms. Darcy Arpin                          
Ms. Jenny Bone                            
Ms. Jennifer Brown                    
Ms. Colette Daelick                     
Ms. Morgan Dueker                    
Ms. Jennifer Fines                       
Ms. Karen Fischer                       
Mr. Patrick Helgason                 
Mr. Tyler Kuzma                         
Ms. Carol Lemire – Guidance   
Ms. Tricia Lucyshyn                   
Ms. Elizabeth Northey               
Ms. Alex Philibert                       
Mr. Troy Semenchuk                 
Ms. Tanya Vancoughnett          
Ms. Ronalee Weleski                  
Ms. Paula West-Bates                 
Mr. Dave Zultok                          
Learners with Purpose:
Ms. Gloria Lennox                      
Ms. Paula Thiesen                       

Facebook Messenger: students and caregivers can also use Facebook messenger to contact teachers with our NEW Facebook account – Wesmor Messenger.



To call in your absence please call 306-764-5233 or text 306-981-5231.


There are 15 bus passes available at the front office for $20 each every month.

Just a reminder that all lunch cards, school clothing, mugs and water bottle purchases are to be made at the front office so we can provide you with a receipt.

Student Leadership Council (SLC):

Student Leadership Council (SLC) meeting every TUESDAY at 11:50 in Room 10. EVERYONE WELCOME!